Let’s do it! Flex and Grails

I have to admit, that I’m quite enthusiastic about new technologies, especially RIA (Rich Internet Applications) solutions. Recently I was going to give a try to JavaFX and Adobe Flex. And since … Continue reading “Let’s do it! Flex and Grails”

Grails and Google App-Engine

My last article about simple Grails application showed, that for quick development Grails are one of top choices. Inspired by some folks writing all around the web, that Grails plus … Continue reading “Grails and Google App-Engine”

Incredible Grails. ‘How-To’ part 1

In our last article about Grails we promised some tutorial showing how easy and simple it is to create web application in this framework. So – let’s do it! From … Continue reading “Incredible Grails. ‘How-To’ part 1”