Exploring Blazor Render Modes

Blazor offers two primary modes of rendering: Client-side and Server-side. Client-side rendering, also known as Blazor WebAssembly, involves running the application code directly in the user’s browser. From a newbie perspective … Continue reading “Exploring Blazor Render Modes”

Understanding C #’s Stack Memory for Better Performance

Basic Concepts: Efficient memory management is critical to developing high-performance and reliable code in C# and other languages with a garbage collector (GC). Resource management might not be a primary … Continue reading “Understanding C #’s Stack Memory for Better Performance”

AES Encryption in .NET Application (Part 2)

Beyond Confidentiality and Integrity In the previous blog post, our main concern was safeguarding the confidentiality of information.The AES’s Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode offers protection against unauthorized access to … Continue reading “AES Encryption in .NET Application (Part 2)”

Minimal API in .NET 6 – Fully fledged API in no time!

Every programmer’s adventure begins with the basics. Recently, I came across a very interesting topic that I would like to share with you today – minimal API. Before we get down to it, … Continue reading “Minimal API in .NET 6 – Fully fledged API in no time!”


How to speed up your work with snippets?

Have You ever seen a movie or a TV show featuring programmers or hackers? We all know the scene: a guy, preferably in a hoodie, slouching in front of a … Continue reading “How to speed up your work with snippets?”

Property-based testing

Property-based testing

Property-based testing isn’t new. It’s quite common in the functional programming world. Anyway, there is a big chance that as a C# programmer you have never used it before. I … Continue reading “Property-based testing”

.NET Core

How to navigate in the .NET jungle?

Have you ever wondered what .NET Core is and how different it is from .NET Framework? Have you heard the term .NET Standard and got even more confused? At this … Continue reading “How to navigate in the .NET jungle?”

ASP.NET Mixed Authentication (ADFS and WindowsIntegrated)

In this article I will show you how to solve a problem I’ve recently stumbled upon. To my disbelief – there was no ready solution on Stack Overflow! The problem … Continue reading “ASP.NET Mixed Authentication (ADFS and WindowsIntegrated)”

Let .NET framework care about transactions handling for you by implementing IEnlistmentNotification

Well known TransactionScope Since version 2 of .NET Framework every developer has a great tool to handle different types of “transactions” (transaction processing, or business transaction is information processing that … Continue reading “Let .NET framework care about transactions handling for you by implementing IEnlistmentNotification”

Static code analysis and more with MONO-CECIL

You may have heard about tools like FxCop which are very useful in static code analysis, they basically check your code for possible performance hitting mistakes. Code analysers like FxCop … Continue reading “Static code analysis and more with MONO-CECIL”