Big Picture Event Storming

Big Picture Event Storming

Event Storming (apart from sounding like something Thor would do for his birthday) is a very efficient technique for solving one of the most difficult phases of starting up new … Continue reading “Big Picture Event Storming”

What’s what in TensorFlow 2.0 – Part Deux

Welcome to part 2 of my “What’s what in TensorFlow 2.0” series. If you have not already, I encourage you to read part one first. In the previous article, we … Continue reading “What’s what in TensorFlow 2.0 – Part Deux”

TensorFlow 2.0

What’s what in TensorFlow 2.0

I think everyone can agree the new TensorFlow 2.0 is a revolution rather than evolution. It has greatly simplified almost every aspect of the clunky TF1. And while the TensorFlow … Continue reading “What’s what in TensorFlow 2.0”

Building Jarvis – NLP Hot Word Detection

Have you ever wished you had your own Jarvis? An Artificial Intelligence system tending to your every need. Solving complex tasks for you and pouring coffee whenever you need it? … Continue reading “Building Jarvis – NLP Hot Word Detection”

The Art of Fake – Nvidia GAN Networks

In recent years we heard a lot about A.I. taking our jobs or at least driving us to our current jobs. While the debate is still open, I think most … Continue reading “The Art of Fake – Nvidia GAN Networks”

Serverless Architecture in Azure

In this article, I would like to talk about serverless architecture in the scope of Microsoft Azure components. I assume that you have a basic understanding of what problems serverless … Continue reading “Serverless Architecture in Azure”

ASP.NET Mixed Authentication (ADFS and WindowsIntegrated)

In this article I will show you how to solve a problem I’ve recently stumbled upon. To my disbelief – there was no ready solution on Stack Overflow! The problem … Continue reading “ASP.NET Mixed Authentication (ADFS and WindowsIntegrated)”

Software messaging patterns and time travel

Messaging is one of these things everyone thinks they use and understand. If you look at events closely, they are fairly simple. Often it’s just a timestamp with few properties. … Continue reading “Software messaging patterns and time travel”

Serverless Architectures

While Serverless is not exactly a new idea, it has certainly been gaining traction in recent months. In this article I will explain what Serverless Architecture is and what are … Continue reading “Serverless Architectures”

Image Recognition with Neural Networks (part 2)

Welcome to the part 2 of our Image Recognition with Neural Networks on Cloud TPUs series. In the previous article we’ve made necessary preparations for 3 important processes that we … Continue reading “Image Recognition with Neural Networks (part 2)”