7 DOs and DON’Ts of Sprint Retrospective

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10 Myths of Scrum Planning Debunked

As a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, every day I deal with issues that result from lack of understanding the basic rules of Scrum. Its principles are often misinterpreted. For … Continue reading “10 Myths of Scrum Planning Debunked”

Overcoming hurdles when leading Agile transformations

Agile is a mindset, not a goal, that is the bottom line of this post. The previous post was about assessing how Agile you are. This one is about how … Continue reading “Overcoming hurdles when leading Agile transformations”

Check what 5 features you need to excel at teamwork

Almost every job advertisement has “teamwork” in the list of requirements. In almost every CV you can spot “teamwork” as one of its owner’s key skills. Is teamwork becoming new … Continue reading “Check what 5 features you need to excel at teamwork”

Responding to change with Scrum

Organizations constantly feel the pressure to quickly adapt to rapidly changing (economic) conditions. In particular management, sales and marketing – being the “demand side” of the organization – experience this … Continue reading “Responding to change with Scrum”

Managing software projects interactively using scrum

Too many software projects are not (fully) successful. Depending on the research source used, you will find that 30 up to 70% of the IT projects fail to some extend. … Continue reading “Managing software projects interactively using scrum”

Key challenges in Agile implementations

Agile methodology was supposed to be a solution to solve all of our problems. But it looks like it’s not. Some issues appear when companies start to implement Agile in … Continue reading “Key challenges in Agile implementations”

Is Lean software development better than Scrum?

Quite some years ago, after attending a presentation about lean production at Toyota, I decided to buy the book “The Toyota Way”. I had the feeling many of their 14 … Continue reading “Is Lean software development better than Scrum?”

Software is art, code is poetry

Just imagine yourself being the world famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Somebody hired you to prepare a nice painting of his company. Once you show him your almost finished painting, … Continue reading “Software is art, code is poetry”

How to make your clients Agile without teaching them?

How to make your clients Agile not teaching them? In reality, you get customer attention at the end of whole development process.