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Blogging is a great way to systematize and share your knowledge with others! Especially IT blogs! That is why at Aspire we encourage everyone to write blog posts. We reward them with Geek Points and G-Coins in our internal gamification platform: League of Geeks. Although the best reward is sharing itself.

Why sharing is important?

For many people sharing knowledge is a selfless act. When we share, we do it because we want to do something for someone other than ourselves.

But sharing knowledge is good not only for the receiver – but also for the giver!

Here is why:

  • When you teach – you learn yourself. Teaching someone is the best way to learn something or to verify your knowledge
  • You are out of the comfort zone
  • The best way to understand the issue is to try and explain it to another person.
  • You learn to think differently and ask and answer questions
  • By sharing your knowledge and experience, you become a mentor for others. You gain satisfaction, gratitude, self-confidence
  • Good karma comes back
  • You know how to recognize areas that need deepening knowledge
  • You are not afraid of admitting mistakes

Read more… blogs!

It is also good to read other blogs. It’s a great way to stay informed on the ever-changing IT world. On the occasion of Blogs’ Day, we asked Aspirians about their favourite IT blogs with valuable knowledge.

Jakub, .NET Developer

  • – Polish blog about software development and leadership
  • – distributed systems, REST, messaging, domain-driven design and CQRS
  • – programming, software development, and architecture

Michał, Software Developer

Julia, Software Developer

Łukasz, Software Developer

Adrian, .NET Developer

  • – a wide variety of articles: technical and career-related

Mateusz, Project Manager

Kasia, Software Tester

Krzysztof, Senior Software Developer

Michał, Software Developer     

Maja, Software Tester

Thank you to all Aspirians for sharing your favourite blogs!

You can also share your favourite IT books in the comments below!

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