Why we love programmers and testers?

Why we love programmers and testers?

This week we were celebrating Testers’ Day (9 September) and Programmers’ Day (13 September)! On this special occasion, we asked non-technical people of Aspire, what they like about them! Do you agree?

Kasia, Corporate Communications:

I like testers for being super-persistent. If they didn’t stick to everything, forcibly look for something that maybe doesn’t exist, and then it turns out that it does, then the life of users or customers wouldn’t be that pleasant.

I like programmers because they are very analytical.

They are not trying to be ‘business people’. They are natural and easy-going. And customers value them anyway… for a job well done!

Anna, Consulting:

I really like programmers and testers. Seriously. I like them for many things. For curiosity about business, technology and the world. They are always curious about why they do their tasks, user stories. Why users will use the functionality. What they need it for.

They continuously read and learn. What’s more, they are always happy to share their knowledge with others.

Despite the prevailing stereotypes, they like to talk. I would even say that they like to discuss a lot. And you can discuss any topic with them.

I also like that they are chilled out – e.g. walking in slippers at work. Their individuality and a positive approach to life.

Karolina, HR:

I work in IT because I like people from this industry. I love these people for their sense of humour, approach to life and tasks (it must be on point, logical and in bullet points)

These are people with whom I willingly spend my time privately and professionally. They are often well-read people who have an interesting view of the world, sometimes different than me, thanks to which I also learn to look from a different and wider perspective.

Anna, Facilities:

I love programmers because they know how to KISS! Meaning – Keep It Simple, Stupid ?

Kasia, Corporate Communications:

I love that they are super smart, and you can always learn from them! Discussions with programmers can be very interesting and their views on life often surprise me.

Do you agree with our list? Share your reasons in the comments below.

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