10 things that reduce client trust to arctic zero

Arctic_zero_gI_0_0_AZwebsiteIn my previous post I wrote about the client’s trust when using an Agile development approach. Based on my own experience I can provide the list of  at least 10 things you shouldn’t do unless you want to lose your clients’ trust (and eventually your credibility).

  1. Asking for additional budget when trust is very low
  2. Pointing out client’s mistakes
  3. Not replying to their emails
  4. Hiding problems/bugs util they are discovered by the client
  5. Leaving clients with the issue because you have to leave at 4 o’clock
  6. Agreeing on every change they want to have
  7. Explaining problems without presenting a solution
  8. Asking basic questions regarding the project domain (features, how it should work) at the end of the project
  9. NOT asking this at the beginning of the project
  10. Agreeing on changes at the last day of the sprint/project

Can you add something to it?


Aspire Blog Team

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  1. A good list, Maciej. Item 2 I would say: you may point on the client's mistakes, but do it in a clever way and always with an aim of finding a solution/better way. Everything is a matter of the way you communicate something. Whenever the client “feels” the right intention, it's probable that even an apparrently bad news will raise his trust instead of getting it to the arctic zero.

  2. Good points. I would also like to add “Not keeping the client up to date on the status of the project”. If the client doesn't know what's happening they get anxious. Which later on will contribute to less trust for you.

    The only one I didn't really get was number 6. Why would the client trust you less when you grant all his wishes?

    Thanks for posting

  3. Thank you for your comment.
    Regarding number 6, clients usually want to change things several times. If you keep agreeing on every change he will lost the feeling that you are the PRO and he will start to think that “If I would not tell you that, you would probably never do it in such way. You don't understand my business well”. If this doesn't convince you, I have another example. If you agree on everything at some moment you will have to stop doing it because you don't have more time, you don't have budget etc. When your customer will hear that the promises you have agreed with him won't be kept because later on, you have concluded that it is too hard to do it, you will loose a lot.

  4. Thanks!
    I agree with you in point number 2. The communication is the key. This is the good idea for next blog post!

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