4 ways to make your website mobile friendly

growDo you realize that more than 2.5 billion people use mobile phones and every minute this amount increases by another thousand. We cannot forget that over 30% of these users, use their cell phones to surf the web and more importantly the prices for using this service are continuously dropping . Therefore, I decided to have a closer look towards designing mobile websites. I came to some interesting conclusions.

1. Mobile website designs differ

To make sure that our website is mobile friendly, the first principle to be followed is “less is more”. This allows us not only to save money but also makes navigating the site, reading articles and going from one page to another much easier. This area is closely connected with the other usability aspects since the “heaviness” of the site to large extent influences the loading time and, consequently, the time spent and the cost of viewing the page.


2. The content should be different

In my opinion, a group of mobile users, focuses on different needs than typical Internet users. Displaying only the most important content is essential. There is no need to put “everything” on the mobile site, so let’s try to thoroughly understand the needs of potential users, and wisely adapt the content available on our website.


3. Page navigation has to be simple for mobile phones

We need a different design approach because of smaller screen resolutions and more “difficult circumstances” like small screen and lack of QWERTY keyboard. We need to consider all the new usability aspects that we hardly ever thought about before.


4. To have a good mobile user experience we have to limit ourselves

Speed surfing and browsing costs are of high priority for both sides. As we all know mobile internet is not as fast as other solutions such as LAN or Wifi, so we must do everything to reduce delays resulting from “slow” data transmission.

In most cases mobile internet users, are charged for the size and complexity of a downloaded package. In order to make our website mobile friendly and attract visitors it’s important to apply the principle of “less is more”.


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