Goyello is heading for WPC12 – the biggest annual Microsoft Partner event

That’s the second time we’ll have a chance to take part in the annual event organized by Microsoft. Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is held to inform, encourage and support all Microsoft partners. It’s also a chance for the partners to share experience and initiate new ventures. Last year amused us with a plenitude of innovations, what about 2012? It seems we can be looking forward to receiving additional support from Microsoft. The support that will include lessons on building cloud-based business, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices introduction, as well as, training in the fields of marketing and sales. Seems like Microsoft is looking for the ROI they’ve been expecting after the last year’s session?

All about the Cloud

Azure gained a well-deserved opinion of one of the best cloud solutions on the market, among other thanks to the decent performance of such products as Windows Intune and Office 365. Thus, the Cloud can be expected to be THE topic of WPC 2012. The partners will mostly be encouraged to create .NET, Java, PHP or Python SaaS solutions , while we’ll all learn how to maintain and promote them from management’s and marketing point of view. There’s only one issue I’d really wish to be clarified, that is the pricing model adjustments. Something all the partners would definitely find helpful regarding sales.

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Business oriented promotion 

Intune and Office 365, as already mentioned, became known as reliable business solutions during the past year. However from Microsoft, we are expecting new ideas on increasing business  productivity, especially when using Office 365 within both corporate and SMB environments. I can’t imagine this year’s conference without Lync. Another ace up the Microsoft’s sleeve, a corporate, high-end communication platform for both the organizations’ internal and external use. Sounds appealing, now then I’m waiting for the appropriate tools and Microsoft’s recent show cases, also wondering about Skype’s integration topic.

Will Lync stand a chance to replace existing corporate voice switches (PBX) and will a decent online solution for SMB’s be offered to “lync” us all? Hope to get that answer and to see whether last year’s plans regarding Dynamics ERP Online came into being. It is promised to be cloud based as its sister Dynamics CRM.

The Eights’ Announcement

It probably won’t say anything new if together at WPC, the partners conclude Windows Phone 7 as still having low share in the mobile market.  However, since the Windows Phone 8 seems close to business release ready, who knows, we may even receive an info about Microsoft taking over BlackBerry!  Would be great to see some demo’s and learn about release dates. Moreover, I hope to satisfy my curiosity regarding WP8 Lumia rumors


Talking about the Eights’ one can’t forget about Windows 8 and the newly introduced Surface. Surely, we’ll be encouraged to migrate and also promote the new device. Still, wondering what will convince more: the present price of Windows 8 or the demo’s I’m hoping to see?

Business is business 

Looks like, we’ll be hearing a lot about sales strategies. Isn’t Microsoft satisfied with the current profits? It may be so, since Microsoft Partners will have sales obligation starting from the 4th quarter 2012. Therefore, Microsoft’s sales support is invaluable in all fields, starting from show cases, pitfalls analysis and marketing strategies. 

Goyello is soon taking off to WPC 2012. We hope to learn a lot and share our experience gained through the year. As usual, we’re looking forward to new business contacts and ventures, especially that we are presenting our 21webmerce solution at the Dutch welcomunity Sunday afternoon.  What are your expectations? Feel free to share below, on Twitter @Goyello / @PetersOpinion / @ArieGoyello or in real life in Toronto! Keep an eye on our blog in the upcoming days. We will of course share the highlights with you.

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