Seesmic Look let’s you discover the value of the Twitter timeline

Seesmic-LookWhether or not you are using Twitter, please continue reading. This is not a typical “new on Twitter” post, although it is about Twitter. Last night Seesmic launched a new revolutionary application Seesmic Look. Seesmic Look is a unique way to learn, observe or be immersed in the real-time web. It’s a Windows desktop app bringing together Twitter data with a beautiful design, approachability and ease of use. Even without a Twitter account it enables you to find valuable information and to jump on the hot trends on Twitter. Having a Twitter account your personal timelines will be incorporated as well. The great look and feel of the application makes it a nice to use one. Seesmic Look works on Windows XP, Vista and 7

How to make Twitter accessible by the mass?

“We took an unusual route and shifted paradigms to develop something no one has done before. We were challenged to reach out to an untapped market – a mainstream audience not familiar with Twitter – people in your personal circle like friends or family members (think “Mom” or “Dad”), that heard of Twitter but were never interested, or never had the opportunity to have a positive and friendly experience.”

That’s they way the Seesmic team started their job and in my opinion they did a good job. The application is easy to install and fun to use. It’s very easy to get direct access to trends and searches on keywords you like. The user interface is really nice. Through the settings you can even chose to switch from black to light.

The powerful interface has been developed in close partnership with Microsoft. It is optimized for Windows 7 and developed in WPF with Visual Studio 2010, courtesy of Microsoft BizSpark.

Seesmic Look Twitter aggregator showing your interests

Instantly follow the news you are interested in

All kind of default (sponsored) channels are in place already enabling you to get direct access to the hottest latest news without reading the massive amount of tweets currently available on Twitter. You can follow the news that interests you in areas like Sports, Entertainment, Celebrities, Music, Politics, Humor, Business and Tech.


You can easily add your own stream to the dashboard

It’s very easy to add your personal timeline to Seesmic Look. Once you have done it you can quickly look up your friends’ Tweets, recent replies, DMs you received and sent.

The heavy Tweeter might not be willing to start using Look due to the fact you can only use one account at the time, at least for now. But for sure it gives you easy access to hot topics and the topics of your interest without any search effort. By doing this Twitter can really become your instant news source. The TV like look and feel might appeal many users who are not familiar with Twitter yet.

You can download Seesmic Look here:

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