The amazing history of the computer, the future is mobile

In today’s computerised world it’s hard to imagine there were times without computers and phones. Honestly, I recently noticed it how difficult it was to explain my three sons that I neither used a computer, calculator nor a smartphone when I had their age. Yesterday, during a lecture, I admitted I almost wouldn’t know how to live without them. And yes, I realise I might be addicted. Today I found a great Infographic showing the computer’s evolution. Getting curious? Read on!

This Infographic by Tech King for sure will help me to explain my sons the past better. Some computers are missing, but who cares?

Computer technology keeps developing fast

Meanwhile, it made me think as well. Seeing the dramatic evolution in 50 years time, I wonder what will happen in the upcoming years.

In a relatively short period of time we managed to reduce the computer from truck size into pocket size, meanwhile dramatically increasing it’s computing power, memory and storage.

Will we be able to make proper use of the possibilities?

This trend will continue, the future is mobile. We want to know, get and tell something here and now. We don’t like to wait. Technology just has to work. That used to be a bit different as well 50 years ago.

More from a professional perspective I’m very curious how we will make use of all the new possibilities. Today most people already have way too much computing power in their pocket. They just don’t use it. We as software developers will need to support them with smart tools to make their life easier with more fun!

Infographic: A Comprehensive History of Computers
A Comprehensive History of Computers by Tech King

Picture source IBM computer:


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  1. Peter – a great chart. Amazing how quickly technology increases in power and shrinks in size. I jumped into this chart in 1981. First with the Apple III… DecWriter and TimeShare Computering. Then in 1982 -I built the very first IBM PC’s (you used to put them together including snapping the memory chips onto the board) for Nabisco Brands. Used (and was excellent at) dBase and Visicalc… Missing from this list is the Timex Sinclair 1000 (which I still have). Wish I still had my Commodore 32 and 64. ahhh the memories! thanks!

    1. Hi Stephen, thanks for your reply (sorry I noticed it a bit too late ….). It’s a great chart indeed, fully agree. There are some more missing, but for me this doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is it shows the evolution in a nice way.

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