The Cloud as the answer to Consumerization of IT

The consumerization of IT forces IT providers to think differently. Business users want to have access to similar features and devices both at the office and at home. Increasingly, these are features provided from the cloud, which enables the user to have access to everything, from anywhere, at any time. Are your ready for this? Do you realize its impact on your business?

Microsoft’s strategy is cloud based

This summer we attended the Microsoft World Wide Partner conference in LA. It was really an impressive meeting and a great opportunity to discuss current technological developments with minds alike. The full Microsoft strategy picture was being unfolded in front of the audience.

After the conference, I shared several lessons learned, with my colleagues and last Monday I presented them to some of our clients. Now it’s time to share them with a broader audience. You can view the presentation below.

Cloud and Consumerization of IT are the leading subjects

The leading subject was, the way the consumerization of IT influences the IT business  landscape. Demanding users want to be able to have access to the same features and devices like they are using at home. Increasingly, this means a demand for mobility, having access to everything, from anywhere at any time. Preferably, the user would like to use his own devices, which will introduce all kind of security issues.

Microsoft believes their cloud strategy will prove to be the right answer to this demand.

The competition doesn’t have an answer yet

It looks like the competition is legging behind. Already years ago, Google introduced their Google Apps solutions. A great set of online (cloud based) services. We at Goyello, were very happy Google Apps users for a long period of time. But Microsoft’s recent product introductions of Intune and Office 365 are better focused on today’s business demands.

I’m curious what you think about the current trends. Feel free to react below or to discuss it with me on Twitter: @PetersOpinion.

Watch the following movie to see what’s happening in today’s IT world.


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