10 questions – Arie de Bruin & Peter Horsten

Goyello was founded in 2006 by Arie de Bruin and Peter Horsten – two Dutch entrepreneurs with a passion for IT and business. 10 years on and Goyello is a thriving organisation with three offices in the Netherlands and Poland, and more than 110 employees, supporting customers across Europe and America. Peter and Arie both answered five questions about their passion, ambition and the Goyello identity.


1. Can you describe your Goyello journey?

It was ten years of challenges, pioneer work and professionalisation. The beginning was particularly tough due to the global credit crisis that began in 2007. Indeed, it forced us to shift our focus from the Netherlands to other countries. At the same time, we needed to invest in a new office in 2010. We’re going to relocate to an even bigger office in 2017, in order to facilitate our continued growth. We’re currently extremely busy with the further internationalisation and strategic deepening of existing customers.

2. Does your company have a unique story?

Our Polish employees assimilate seamlessly into the Dutch culture. It’s this results-orientated mentality combined with strong technique and analytical skills that makes us unique.

3. What factors are likely to influence Goyello’s direction over the coming 10 years?

There are several developments that will affect our future:

  • Further globalisation, leading to new opportunities for growth.
  • Businesses are increasingly ‘software’ companies. The speed with which the (business) world is evolving demands rapid adaptation using smart technological solutions.
  • Legacy systems, outdated computer systems, are set to present huge issues for large businesses. Adapting to new generation software is an exciting challenge.
  • Artificial intelligence is fast approaching. Machine learning is already a reality for a number of customers. The opportunities are endless.

4. What’s the greatest misconception about IT companies such as yours?

The assumption that Poles don’t make good knowledge workers is a big mistake. That Poland won an international computer programming contest in 2014 is an excellent example. Another misconception is the potential language barrier. Our Polish employees speak good English. We’ve been investing in them for 10 years. As a result, communication barriers with our customers simply don’t exist.

5. If you were to give a public company tour, what would be the first stop for your visitors?

The heavily frequented Pizza-meetings are a great way to get to know Goyello. These events are an important source of information for our employees. Pizza-meetings combine an opportunity to socialise and enjoy pizza with the sharing of new ideas and knowledge. Staff can listen to or participate in discussions and presentations on a variety of different topics including programming, quality, business strategy, impact of communication and a healthy lifestyle. A great way of achieving more, together.


1. Can you describe your business in one sentence?

In one sentence it would be: Fulfilling our clients’ opportunities by making use of user-friendly digital solutions enabling them to really benefit from IT. And in some more words: Today’s world is developing at a rather high speed. People can no longer oversee all the different innovations. We support our clients in analysing their challenges. If a software solution is the right direction, we help them in finding the most optimal solution providing them as much business value as possible.

2. What is your goal in the next 10 year?

One of our goals is enabling an increasing number of colleagues to develop themselves thanks to very nice international projects. Another is making more clients successful. We will be known as a partner that thinks together with the client about how to make their business performing better. Last but not least the Polish labour market will recognize us as a great place to work.

3. If Goyello was a person who would it be?

Max Verstappen, the Dutch Formula 1 driver. We go the extra mile when needed, overcome hurdles, train hard (learning) to become even better. We don’t give up, keep pushing, but remain modest and friendly.

4.What do you like most about Goyello’s culture?

Supported by feedback from others I would say that the team focussed and friendly atmosphere is most important to us. In addition, professionality, the willingness to help, knowledge sharing, quality awareness and mutual respect are essential ingredients of our fundament. Another important aspect of our culture is having fun together. Increasingly, colleagues are sporting together and after hours they meet to play a board game or cards. This year we did a triathlon together, joined several biking and running events. Even some of our clients have started joining us. That’s what I call real fun.

5.Which new clients would you like to invite to get to know Goyello?

In our society we are facing some real challenges. We have to better divide wealth across our world, our food chain has to be adjusted and at the same time an energy revolution is taking place. We are sure that digital solutions will play an important role in these transitions. Clients running projects impacting these areas are most welcome.


Arie de Bruin, Director/Owner. Boasts a telecommunications and business background. Married, father of two grown-up sons, lives in the Netherlands.

Peter Horsten, Director/Owner. A background in social sciences and electronics. Married to Kasia Szemro (Marketing Director, Goyello), father of three growing sons, lives in Poland.