How to win a recruiter’s heart (and a dream job)

Every one of us had a bad date once. Or a job interview that didn’t go very well. In this blog post, we will give you some advice that will be useful in both situations.

Getting ready…

– Do you know anything about our company, have you heard what we do?

– Actually, no…

This is the worst answer you can give! If you care about work, you should be interested in the company’s projects. After all, you can land in one of them!

It is worth to read what is written on the website of the company to which we go to talk and get acquainted with its activity. Apart from the fact that we can only gain in the eyes of a recruiter knowing the information about a given company, it’ll also help us ask a more accurate question during the conversation, which is also a big plus – but more about that later.

Just like on a first date, it’s worth knowing if our interlocutor, for example, likes coffee, and if so, which one, because at the very beginning we can hinder our task. And on the other hand, how much can we gain with literally a handful of basic information.

Be on time!

No girl likes to wait when the other party is late, but if she gets the message that there was a long queue at the florist she certainly will not be angry.

If the candidate is late, he should notify the recruiter with a short text message. I’ve never thought bad about such a person – just the opposite. During this time I can take care of other duties. No information looks very bad. Only not showing at all without any notice is worse.

First impressions

The first impression is very important and affects further conversation.

Just like during a meeting with the ‘love of your life’, it’s worth to wear a decent outfit for the interview. Of course, no one insists on a button-down shirt in 30-degree heat. Your appearance should show that you care and respect your hosts. Of course without exaggeration. Once I met a candidate dressed in an elegant jacket, slippers and… a bow-tie. With our style and clothing, we often say a lot about whether we will fit into a given organization.

Also, every position has its own rules. Positions related to sales require a much more formal dress than, for example, technical positions, where there is not that much contact with the customer.

Body language and stress

It’s good to keep eye contact while talking to the recruiter (just don’t be creepy). It should last for a few seconds and naturally support the conversation. To avoid awkward eye contact, I recommend looking at the triangle between cheekbones and chin. Your interviewer will think that you pay attention but will not feel awkward.

If you feel stressed before the conversation, there is an easy way to increase self-confidence. You should raise your chin slightly. Then certain substances are naturally produced by our body that results in an increase in self-confidence.

It’s a good idea to introduce some movement to the conversation with the right gestures. You shouldn’t stand still like you glued your hands to the torso – it doesn’t help with positive reception. Words can be thought through and planned well, but under stressful conditions, it’s more difficult to control the gestures that ‘betray’ us.

How do I deal with stress? I imagine that the person I’m talking to likes me.

Family Feud problem

Just like in the Family Feud show, where the most popular answer wins, the candidates tend to say what the recruiter wants to hear. They think in terms of competition and start to answer insincerely. And by such an attitude, they often agree to everything without consideration. And even if recruitment is successful, after a few months I must be repeated, because it turns out that someone answered not according to their own needs, but to win the ‘contest’ and get the offer.

Similarly, on a date – you have to be yourself. Let’s not try to fit in with the preferences of the other side, because sooner or later it will come to light.

The problem of Johnny Bravo

Don’t be like Johnny Bravo and don’t tell your entire life story by adding jokes to get the best out of every respect. The recruitment interview should flow at its own pace. As on a date – let the conversation get its pace and rhythm, and you will certainly be able to ‘sell’ everything at the right time.

People often forget that the recruitment interview is not an audition or a casting. It’s a conversation. Specific, but still only conversation. Both sides are equal. Let’s preserve the culture, let’s not get into the sentence. Do not try to “talk to the recruiter” because everything can lead to leaving a bad impression. Pro-tip – the conversation is carried out by the one who listens.

It’s also good to practice answering the most common questions, so you won’t talk about insignificant details. The recruiter will surely find out if something interesting.

Do you remember how many girls managed to arrange a cartoon hero? Exactly…

Don’t be afraid to ask

One of the biggest mistakes on a date is when we’re not interested in the other party and ask no questions. We are used to the fact that the recruiter asks questions. But it’s also welcomed for the candidate to do the same. This way we show interest and the interview develops in a natural way.

Of course, this is a recruitment interview, so maybe you don’t ask recruiters about their hobbies (except specific cases). You could ask how a typical workday may look like or what exactly are the duties or benefits listed in the announcement.

Not asking questions is particularly visible in the IT industry. I worked with a manager who paid great attention to whether the candidate asked questions during the interview. It was also a factor that decided in the situation of choosing between candidates with similar technical skills. This is due to the fact that the personality, willingness to learn and the so-called soft skills can be more important than knowledge of technology.

Sometimes it’s enough to ask a few appropriate questions, and in this way show interest. Just like on a date.

Always Be Closing

Many people think that it’s enough to come to an interview and know the answers to most questions. This approach is wrong. Just like in sales – it is not the content of a conversation, but the feeling during the interview that is remembered. I’ve dozens of interviews every month. If I’ve invited someone, it means that they meet the requirements. Of course, you have to prove your skills, but you also have to build a positive atmosphere during the interview.

I often face a situation where a really experienced person concentrates so much on the right answer that he doesn’t pay attention to the atmosphere of conversation at all. This is manifested by long pauses and awkward silence.

I would add one more fact to the skill of presenting myself and my skills: a hobby. If something really interests us and is our passion, let’s talk about it in a passionate way. One of the candidates was able to talk about passion for Spain, the local cuisine and wines, that I would remember the conversation for a very long time. Another mentioned Marvel and by the end of the interview, we were discussing what we think will happen in the upcoming movies.

I hope that this article will help you to prepare for the next interview, and perhaps for a successful date as well!