Mind Spa: Our inhouse counselling program

Mind Spa

Most of us pay more attention to our physical health while our mental well-being goes unrecognized oftentimes. We tend to forget that a sound mind leads to improved physical health and a positive life. 

The pandemic has forced many of us to work remotely over long periods of time. Too much screen time, lack of human interaction and the blurring of work and leisure hours is a cause for anxiety and frustration for many. We may easily feel overwhelmed, worried and isolated. At times like this, it is crucial for us to keep our mind healthy and optimistic. The need to reach out to someone to share our concerns is widely prevalent. But not everyone has a listening ear. 

At Aspire Systems, we recognize the importance of mental well-being of each and every Aspirian. The need to provide them with a platform where they can seek help was the inspiration for our inhouse counselling initiative, Mind Spa. 

This wellness program conducted periodically, is completely confidential. Hence, Aspirians are emboldened to reach out to mental health counselors to get expert help. They are encouraged to talk about their emotions, issues and concerns with a trained psychological counsellor who will listen, give them space to share their problems, and guide them towards better mental health. They are counseled to overcome stress or feelings of uncertainty. 

Because we are committed to building a community of healthy people, not just a healthy workforce. Attention. Always. 

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