Do you remember the days we didn’t have a mobile?

Today we are so used to our mobile (smart) phones. Could you live without it? Honestly, I think I couldn’t. Whenever and wherever we are we feel the need to communicate with each other. We want to update our friends and followers where we are and what we are doing. And in some years time this behavior will change dramatically again. But, do you realize we started using the mobile phone just about 15 years (or less) ago? The following YouTube movie shows a great overview of this past and includes some amazing figures and predictions.



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    1. I don’t feel like I can decide for everyone, but basically I agree with you. We are getting too used to our mobile phones and using them everywhere. There is a risk of some kind of real live isolation. People are talking more to their online friends than to people sitting next to them. But I’m not the one to decide whether this is good or bad for them. For sure it’s something we all have to be aware of.

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