Labour market marketing in C#: Will it work?

Companies need employees and people are looking for a job. For both it’s a great challenge to find the right connection. We at Goyello are constantly looking for nice new colleagues, people who fit our team, who are just like us. Attracting the right colleagues is a real challenge and from time to time we experiment to find the best way to reach out to our ” audience”. Today we present our vacancy for .NET developers in a special way.

Where to find the right people?

We are looking for highly skilled software developers. We are really fond of Social Media and therefore we search for them on LinkedIn, Facebook, GoldenLine (“the Polish LinkedIn”), Twitter or discussion forums.

Recently we are looking for .NET developers which is a challenging task. That’s why present our job opportunity in a slightly different way to attract this specific group of people. It is totally written in C#.

We are very curious, how it will work and if our future colleagues will react.

Our job offer for a .NET developer

(Normally all our code is in English. In this specific case we target Polish developers, that’s why we made an exception).

net job offer

Interested? You can apply through our website by clicking here.

Do you know somebody who suits these requirements? Please share this vacancy with him or her. Do you like this kind of recruitment? What do you think about that? What other special ways of recruitment have you seen? Please share with us. All comments are most appreciated.


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