Poland Europe’s 5th e-commerce market and growing

About 20 years ago the Internet became available in Poland, however the first significant Internet portals appeared online just four years ago. Since then we have been observing the dynamic development of the Polish Internet market. The popularity of (mobile) Internet and especially social media is rapidly increasing. According to data presented by the Polish Central Statistical Office GUS in 2010, as many as 63,4% of Poles had fixed access to the net. Today we can see online shopping following this trend. Poland has become Europe’s fifth-biggest e-commerce market, ahead of, among others, Italy or Spain, according to a report by British research firm ResearchFarm, quoted by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily.

The Polish web commerce opportunity

The most current research shows that the Polish online shopping market can be worth even up to € 5,9 billion by 2015. Existing e-shops are expanding with about 35% each year. Therefore, the predictions are extremely optimistic. ResearchFarm’s analysis, published by Dziennik Rzeczpospolita, show this increase. The data includes products’ sales only, meaning tickets’, trips’ or music sales have been excluded.

In comparison with other European countries, Poland still comes out poorly. Only 23% of Poles purchased any item or service by means of the Internet. While, at the same time, 50% of the Germans and the Dutch, 60% of the British and almost 70% of the Norwegians and the Danes made such a purchase. On the other hand you could also conclude this just shows the future e-commerce potential in Poland. Knowing the Polish market we believe that within just a couple of years this gap will be decreased. The rapid adoptation of (mobile) Internet will support better access for more people to (mobile) web shops.

The current market situation means there’s still plenty of space for future online retailers. Thanks to affordable web commerce solutions more retailers will dare to go online. Better act now, as it may soon be too late!

What do Poles buy?

Poles are spending yearly about 7 milliard PLN in online shops and they spend even more (7,5 milliard PLN) in auction portals (such as allegro.pl). Things they were buying in 2010 (Source: Euromonitor, Rzeczpospolita):

  • 24% – electronic devices
  • 11,4% – cosmetics
  • 10,1% – films, books, games
  • 7% – furniture, home accessories
  • 6,2% – clothes, shoes
  • 3,8% – food

The cost saving driven Pole decides to buy on the Internet to save some money, especially when buying electronic devices. The fact is that the online prices of the products are lower than those offered offline.

Entrepreneurs and retailers Hurry up!

Observing current data and predictions we dare to claim there is a bright future for web commerce in Poland. Today the Pole might be especially price oriented, he will become more service oriented in the future as well. Consider your niche market and see how you can service them by means of web commerce.

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  1. Actually, it’s doesn’t matter, you are familiar of using internet, if you have interest in online shopping, you definitely go for online shopping, and that is what we can see in the people of Poland. They accepted this way of shopping and shown their potential to buy something from online.

    1. Thanks for your reply. We agree an increasing amount of people feels confident in buying online. Unfortunately, many business seem not to realize this yet.

  2. You are correct that in current day online shopping gradually improves its popularity, lots of people purchase products through online, especially through in mobile internet, here you give an excellent analysis about the percentage of purchasing products by Polish citizen.

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