The ignored mobile shopping potential

Do you realize by 2015, it’s predicted that mobile purchases will total $119 billion globally! Wow ……. those are digits. Honestly, I didn’t realize it would be such an amount of money. If you could just gain a tiny share of it …. Since some time I’m very interested in mobile commerce initiatives. For several clients we are currently designing and developing mobile commerce websites and apps, which made me realize the potential. While researching I found the following Infographic. And because a picture paints more …… Have a look yourself.

Consumers are buying in many different ways. Increasingly, people buy in a “social” way. We rely more and more on our family, colleagues and friends when we need to decide about a purchase. Once decided, you just want to buy. As shown in the Infographic below as provided by Microsoft Tag, about 51% of smartphone users would like to buy from mobile focused retailers. Unfortunately, hardly any e-commerce site has mobile capabilities.

You can click the image to enlarge and we are curious what you think about this. Please leave your opinion below.

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