AES Encryption in .NET application

Security of data sent across API’s is of paramount importance to ensure the proper functioning and integrity of a project. APIs serve as bridges that allow different software systems to … Continue reading “AES Encryption in .NET application”

In the Life of an Aspirian: Where Work Meets a Welcoming Community

Every workplace has its unique rhythm, culture, and vibe. At Aspire, being an “Aspirian” means much more than just showing up for work. It’s about becoming part of a vibrant … Continue reading “In the Life of an Aspirian: Where Work Meets a Welcoming Community”

Introduction to responsive design

What is responsive design?Responsive design is an approach used for creating websites that can adapt and provide an optimal viewing experience across devices with varying screen size. The goal is … Continue reading “Introduction to responsive design”

Aspire Systems Poland Summer Internship Stories

Our employees share their stories after their Summer Internship program. Read their opinions about the summer internship and apply by 12/11/2021 to join our winter edition.  Gosia Grześkiewicz (Software Tester) How did you hear about … Continue reading “Aspire Systems Poland Summer Internship Stories”