Goyello clients speak. Part 2 – Marcin Kleina, CEE PMO Director at Wolters Kluwer Poland

Marcin KleinaEwa Piórko: What does your company do? What industry do you operate in and what products or services do you provide your clients with?

Marcin Kleina: Wolters Kluwer is a global organisation present in 40 countries worldwide. We concentrate on the following types of customers: legal, healthcare, tax and finance professionals. There is also an area we have started to deal with quite recently – governance, risk and compliance.
We deliver solutions and services that help our customers deal with their professional tasks, allowing them to work faster, safer and more effectively.

EP: In what way does IT influence your industry and what does this influence mean to your customers?

MK: IT and technology are crucial to us. We have 180 years of history and the company was originally a publishing house. However, over the last dozen of years the company has undergone a major transformation. Currently, the majority of our income is generated by tech products – software, data bases and web-based solutions, that make it possible to perform certain tasks much faster and in a much more secure way than before. Basically, IT specialists are involved in every project that is currently run at Wolters Kluwer.
As regards tools we use internally, the ones that help us better cooperate with our clients, analyse data and develop products, they are all very much tech-based. We make use of all programming languages and major back-office systems. Generally speaking, we employ any state-of-the-art solutions that are currently available on the market.

EP: Does your product make your customers’ lives easier?

MK: If we take for instance lawyers and professionals seeking for legal information, who are our key customers here in Poland, we provide them with any tools that help them quickly find the information they need for their work. They get access to legal acts, court decisions, commentaries, and publications that let them better prepare for the cases they participate in in the court of law. We also deliver solutions that enable them to verify contractors or parties involved in cases they handle.

Also, we deliver solutions that help organise law firms’ daily work. These are applications that make it possible to manage a case from the very start to the very end.

Our solutions let our customers be up to date with any changes in law and in business. They are provided with up-to-date information, which lets them be more competitive in today’s demanding market.

So, to sum up, thanks to the products we offer professionals can work in more secure conditions, faster and more effectively. They are provided with up-to-date information they need for their work. Thanks to that they can be more competitive in today’s more and more demanding market.

EP: How can you benefit from the knowhow IT companies such as Goyello offer?

MK: Our company attempts to address a very wide range of our customers’ needs. It would not be possible to deliver such complex solutions if only our own team was assigned to that task. That is why we have to cooperate with external partners – experts from different fields, including IT.
As regards our cooperation with Goyello, we needed to quickly develop solutions that would help create legal documents and enable more efficient work with our data bases. Goyello experts’ expertise and commitment were very much what we were looking for. That is why we invited you to cooperate with us.

EP: What, in your opinion, is the future of your market and your industry? What are your goals for the upcoming years?

MK: There is no doubt that in the upcoming years both the market and our company will be subject to dynamic changes. As for our customers – lawyers, tax experts, medical doctors – these change will to a great extent influence them as well. There will be more and more technology-based solutions changing the way our customers work and disrupting existing business models. Traditional products, like printed resources, will soon be replaced.

Generally speaking, industries will be undergoing major changes and what is really important for us is to keep pace with those changes. We can no longer provide customers with information that they would have to analyse further. Today’s customers expect they will get ready answers to questions they deal with. They require ready-to-use solutions. They don’t want to search for data and they are not going to learn how software works. They need tools they can start using straight away.

Popular trends, such as artificial intelligence, solutions that let you predict and manage changes in both the law and in the business environment, are both business and technological challenges at the moment. Our aim is to integrate information, workflow tools and software and provide them as a harmonious whole, at the point of need of our customers.


Marcin Kleina, CEE PMO Director at Wolters Kluwer Poland


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