My Summer Party Experience

On a wonderful day in September, I had the opportunity to participate in the fantastic Summer Party event for the first time. The event was all about sustaining team spirit, improving peer relationships, and facilitating new employees to build rapport with their team members.

From the very morning of the event day, the Facilities department had created a great pre-party for us in the office, thus ensuring a festive atmosphere. Colorful decorations, balloons, music, and even a photo zone were prepared. Our Friday working day passed in such a wonderful atmosphere, which smoothly turned into evening. 

Our event took place in a beautiful, picturesque location in the city center. Though the weather was rainy, it didn’t weaken our spirits. The bravest ones spent time outdoors, and heat lovers had fun inside the cafe. Everyone could find something interesting for themselves: some people danced, some decided to test themselves for accuracy and delicacy of movements and played building blocks, there were also team games, competitions, and not to mention the dance battle. 

Beautiful scenery, great music, dancing, delicious food, and drinks, and most importantly, communication and spending time with people for whom this magic was put together – all these made sure to establish personal relationships and get emotional relaxation. 

In my opinion, such meetings are a great opportunity to get to know each other better, look at colleagues from a new perspective and discover life values. There is a reason why many studies are devoted to the subject of team organization and a favorable psychological climate. The most famous is the Hawthorne Experiment by Elton Mayo, who conducted a series of studies at the Western Electric Factory in Chicago from 1927 to 1932. He proved that employees of factories, who had common interests and perceived production tasks differently, remained in the workplace for a long term that led to increased productivity. It turned out that care and support for employees are more important than physical working conditions. As the experiment showed, productivity depends on relationships with superiors and the team. 

Summing up, personal goals help and don’t hinder effective teamwork. That is why I am grateful and happy that the company provides an excellent opportunity for employees to feel like a part of the team, a part of the big Aspire family.