New Year Party as a sign of a perfect year

Without changing our wonderful traditions, we gathered at the end of 2022 to celebrate New Year’s holidays in a family atmosphere with all our friendly staff.

It is impossible to put into words how wonderful and festive our parties are. Throughout the evening, a magnificent atmosphere of celebration and friendliness reigned. Beautiful decorations, delicious dishes and wonderful music could not leave anyone untouched.

Dancing, contests, a lot of smiles, laughter and sincere conversations are trademarks of our branded parties.

In addition to bright attractions, there was also time for awards. New roles and tasks are a great gift for the new year! We also summed up the results of our corporate project League of Geeks. It deserves a separate place for pride amongst our colleagues!

I really appreciate the fact that in Aspire Systems a lot of emphasis is placed on appreciating the achievements of employees. There is a huge connection between appreciation and job satisfaction. Employees feel proud when that their company appreciates them. And it’s great that Aspire’s New Year party gives an opportunity to share our self-pride with colleagues. It is the moment where pride says: “You did it!” because pride is supportive feedback in the context of our actions and it’s so important for building healthy, open and supportive atmosphere in the team. That is why our company has received so many awards.

Summing up the results of the year, we were able to visually see and remember what a wonderful, eventful and productive year our team and each employee personally had. Therefore, the whole team entered this year charged, happy and motivated for further development! Rested and satisfied, we burst into the new working year with new ideas and strength for new achievements! And it looks like this year is already bearing great results, isn’t it? ?

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