Proudly reviewing 5 Goyello years

November 29, 2006 we almost missed our plane to Gdansk. Because of the traffic jams and the very fact that Cologne/Bonn Airport appeared to be a bit further than we’ve thought, we arrived just in time to board the plane. Fortunately, my business partner Arie managed to convince the guy at the check-in desk that we had to catch that plane. On a wet and cold Wednesday morning we landed in Gdansk. Since that very moment it all went very fast. Time sort of hasn’t stand still since then. Goyello officially exists since that very moment, today it’s exactly 5 years. We are proudly reviewing the past years and we are eagerly looking forward to the unknown future.

The survival of the fittest?

Economically it has been five rather poor years. Sometimes it was even hard to survive. We had to work hard to acquire and then satisfy every new client. Fortunately, the past has shown us that this economic downturn had its good sides as well. In times of crisis, businesses became more cost focused but meanwhile they also realized they need to innovate to stay ahead of the competition. Outsourcing their software development enabled them to achieve both the savings and the innovations. Goyello turned out to be the right partner for many businesses.

Goyello steadily growing

Year by year, Goyello managed to grow significantly. In early 2007, we used to work in the living room, sitting at the dining table. We were regularly meeting with our team on the beach. These were good times when we could even sometimes relax. The first clients were choosing Goyello, we were growing faster than expected. Soon we had to rent a “real” office. Who would have thought, that by the end of this year we will exchange this office for a brand new one in the Gdansk based Olivia Business Centre.

Today Goyello employs around 60 employees and the number is continuously increasing. Several of our first clients, like Da Vinci International and, are still our partners today. We managed to build a PHP and Microsoft .NET team around the businesses of our first clients. Nowadays, we are developing most of our applications in Microsoft .NET and Java. Besides, we offer mobile application development (Android, iOS and Windows Phone). Not forgetting about our web designers, who make that every application is accessible and looks good.

Focusing on web-based business applications and e-commerce

Our focus has changed over the time. In the beginning we were mainly focusing on web site and portal development. Today, we are primarily focusing on business applications and e-commerce. The retail and logistical sectors are the areas where we are doing really well. For a couple of our clients we have developed point of sale solutions (POS), stock management, loyalty and reporting systems. Meanwhile, we have developed some solutions ourselves as well. We have successfully implemented our own 21crm a few times. Business Intelligence is becoming increasingly important and we deliver the solution together with our Gdynia (next to Gdansk) based partner.

We are really proud of the recent 21webmerce web shop and auction system implementations. We are looking forward to a successful future for those two of our best solutions.

From enthusiastic amateurs to skilled professionals

Sometimes, when looking back, we realize what amateurs we were back then. When you enter our office today, you will notice a well-tuned machine. Different teams are cooperating interactively with our clients in a professional manner. You could say we became very Agile over the past years.

Thanks to all who made this happen

We thank our current and former Goyello colleagues, clients, suppliers and especially our families for all the effort and support that made it happen. Without their contribution it would have been really hard, if not impossible, to achieve what we did. This also refers to all the encouragement and words of comfort coming from friends and acquaintances. That’s extremely motivating and inspiring!

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