Say it right! Effective feedback workshop

Communication is the key

Communication is one of the most desirable soft skills. It’s necessary for almost every job, whether you are a manager or a programmer. Good communication leads to more effective teamwork, improves problem-solving, boosts team productivity and engagement.

Peer to peer

At Aspire we organize regular peer coaching feedback workshops to help improve our communication skills. And every team member can participate.

We invited a specialist in this matter, Grzegorz Tesluk, who led the workshop. He supported the group, but his role was not to give ready-made answers, but rather allowing us to work on solutions together, with everyone able to share their thoughts.

Nothing boring about it

During the workshops, we learnt about techniques of giving and receiving feedback. We also had the opportunity to share our own case studies and work out a solution together.

When participating in a workshop, you will see no boring PowerPoints, no unnecessary theory or imposed knowledge. You’ll practice giving and receiving feedback. You will also have an opportunity to share your own case study, together, by asking questions and giving real-life examples. The group works out the best solution.

Of course, no-one has to share, but will still benefit from the workshops by listening and sharing the advice.


Katarzyna Wolszon

The feedback workshop with Grzegorz Tesluk was thought provoking and eye-opening. Grzegorz is an encouraging presenter and his method was so easy to receive and follow. I found the process insightful and interesting.

Presenting my dilemmas regarding giving feedback to the group changed my thinking. At the end of the workshop, I gained a new point of view and learned a lesson.

Now, I’m more understanding of co-workers and focus on solving issues through direct communication.

Miłka Cichosz

The greatest value of this workshop was the rule that we discussed real cases and problems. Instead of talking about theories, tools and rules, the participants focused on one story and then tried to find possible solutions based on previous experience. Another great benefit was that during the discussion we not only talked about feedback but also shared personal tricks and ways to improve relationships and to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Maciej Rudnicki

I’ve attended two feedback sessions so far. We shared our cases and discussed them in groups. Even if you don’t have a case to share, you can benefit by listening to others’ cases and how different group members saw them. Each case was discussed by the group. First by getting deeper knowledge about it, and then by seeking a possible approach. The coach shared techniques, which we could use in different situations. I like the possibility to learn different points of view among team members and their approach on how to deal with communication issues.

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