New Year Party as a sign of a perfect year

Without changing our wonderful traditions, we gathered at the end of 2022 to celebrate New Year’s holidays in a family atmosphere with all our friendly staff. It is impossible to … Continue reading “New Year Party as a sign of a perfect year”

The power of feedback

The word feedback has become extremely popular nowadays. Still, most of us probably think of feedback as criticism in situations related to work life and react nervously to it. The … Continue reading “The power of feedback”

Dark Patterns – Part II

Reasons to avoid using dark patterns  There are several reasons why dark patterns should not be used. These include:  Legal and regulatory issues: Using dark patterns can lead to legal … Continue reading “Dark Patterns – Part II”

Dark Patterns – Part I

A dark pattern is a user interface that has been intentionally designed to deceive or mislead users. Examples of dark patterns include hidden opt-out buttons, misleading language, and fake countdown … Continue reading “Dark Patterns – Part I”

The Facilities team or the ‘gray cardinal’ of the office is on guard for a good work atmosphere

In our Aspire Systems family, as in any family, atmosphere plays an important role. A house is where we feel comfortable and cozy. An office where we spend one-third of … Continue reading “The Facilities team or the ‘gray cardinal’ of the office is on guard for a good work atmosphere”

My Summer Party Experience

On a wonderful day in September, I had the opportunity to participate in the fantastic Summer Party event for the first time. The event was all about sustaining team spirit, … Continue reading “My Summer Party Experience”

Configuring SD-WAN on the FortiGate device in 10 minutes

SD-WAN allows us to create an efficient network resilient to connectivity issues between our office and cloud services, e.g., AWS, Azure, GPC. In short, it provides continuous access to critical … Continue reading “Configuring SD-WAN on the FortiGate device in 10 minutes”

How being a referee eases my way at work 

Nowadays, during a recruitment interview, the most common answer if asked about hobbies is sports. On the one hand, the recruiter must have heard it thousands of times; on the … Continue reading “How being a referee eases my way at work “

Atomic Design 101

Atomic methodology and principles were defined by Brad Frost, a design system consultant and web designer who is also a speaker, writer, and musician located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Possessing experience … Continue reading “Atomic Design 101”

Introduction to Inclusive Design

Inclusive design and accessibility go hand in hand, and their principles are at the forefront of the design trends in 2022. Web accessibility ensures a digital service is usable for … Continue reading “Introduction to Inclusive Design”