Staying Safe: The Importance of Health and Safety Training

Recently, our team members participated in safety training organized by our Facilities Team and Olivia Centre. At Aspire, we value security, and we deliver the highest standards of safety to … Continue reading “Staying Safe: The Importance of Health and Safety Training”

AES Encryption in .NET application

Security of data sent across API’s is of paramount importance to ensure the proper functioning and integrity of a project. APIs serve as bridges that allow different software systems to … Continue reading “AES Encryption in .NET application”

In the Life of an Aspirian: Where Work Meets a Welcoming Community

Every workplace has its unique rhythm, culture, and vibe. At Aspire, being an “Aspirian” means much more than just showing up for work. It’s about becoming part of a vibrant … Continue reading “In the Life of an Aspirian: Where Work Meets a Welcoming Community”

Responsive design in 2023 (part IV)

Responsive design and accessibility Accessibility is an important aspect of web design and development. However, it is not necessarily a part of responsive design but closely related. Responsive design focuses … Continue reading “Responsive design in 2023 (part IV)”

Responsive Design in 2023 (part III)

Types of responsive layout patterns Fluid layout This type of web design pattern uses relative units, such as percentages, instead of fixed units, such as pixels, to define the size … Continue reading “Responsive Design in 2023 (part III)”

Levels of Conflicts

Conflicts are an inseparable part of life and we cannot escape their constructive or destructive effects on us. That’s why it is important for us to know how to deal … Continue reading “Levels of Conflicts”

Serverless computing

Understanding Serverless Computing

Serverless computing originated with the idea of Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), which was introduced in the mid-2000s. However, it wasn’t until Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its Lambda platform in 2014 that … Continue reading “Understanding Serverless Computing”

Responsive design in 2023 (part II)

Why is responsive design so important? Using responsive design is critical for creating websites and applications that are accessible, inclusive, and user-friendly, regardless of a user’s abilities or preferences. However, … Continue reading “Responsive design in 2023 (part II)”

Understanding and overcoming procrastination

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing a task, often until the last minute. It is a behaviour pattern that affects a lot of individuals, regardless of age, gender, … Continue reading “Understanding and overcoming procrastination”

Introduction to responsive design

What is responsive design?Responsive design is an approach used for creating websites that can adapt and provide an optimal viewing experience across devices with varying screen size. The goal is … Continue reading “Introduction to responsive design”